Buckyballs are spherical molecules of carbon. ¬†Nanoparticles, made up of bonding carbon atoms, link to other carbons by covalent bonds. These Buckyballs typically have 60 Carbon atoms, sometimes called C60. However, some buckyballs can have as little as 20 Carbon atoms. These buckyballs spherical and hollow. These microscopic particles are arranged in very specific pentagons… Continue reading BuckyBalls

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The case of Adnan Syed and Hae Lee have puzzled students and lawmakers alike: how was he convicted in the first place with no hard evidence against him? We know that Adnan was still convicted of this crime (murdering his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee) but with what evidence? The first issue is questionable alibis.… Continue reading Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Being Judged: Podcasts

Podcasts are an interesting concept, as the prefix “pod” was originally coined by computer company, Apple. Apple used the term “podcast” for audio files that were sorted into a series, with the files being specifically formatted for the Apple iPod MP3 Players! Interesting how companies have coined terms that we use everyday without thinking about… Continue reading Being Judged: Podcasts

Through Black Spruce: Shift of the Characters

As I have been reading¬†Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden, there is a twofold story occurring which creates an interesting dynamic for the reader. The story begins with Will Bird, who is a pilot struggling with alcohol abuse in a small town called Moosonee (Northern Ontario). The story then shifts to a narrator named Annie,… Continue reading Through Black Spruce: Shift of the Characters