Should Grade 12 English be a Requirement for Entry into all University Programs?

English is an important tool to have as it is hey to ones success. English plays a roll in everyday life weather it is  reading an article out of a news paper, reading a book or presenting a presentation. English should be a requirement for entering into all university programs because it gives students the proper communication skills, necessary reading skills and effective writing tools to allow students to succeed at the next level of their education.

Throughout my high school experince presenting with advanced vocabulary is a way to be organized and mature. Each year in my high school experience, I have experienced a wider and wider range of words that I have been able to use while communicating. When entering grade 9, people are inexperienced, and often struggle to communicate with one another. Through to grade 12, the improvements I have had, and my peers around me have had, has made me a comfortable and effective communicator. Communication will continue to enhance throughout my education, and Grade 12 English is another step to help guide me to be a successful communicator.

Grade 12 English is a great tool to ensure students vocabulary is at a high enough level to go onto University.

Reading is everywhere. Whether you are scrolling through Facebook or studying for that Exam that you need to do well on, being able to understand what you are reading is extremely important. High School enhances ones reading skills, through numerous dialogues (Shakespeare, Short Stories, Poems, etc…). Grade 12 is an important year of English largely because an individual needs to continue challenging their reading abilities, to improve themselves (AMA, Business Reading Tips). The reading component of the course will help prepare individuals for their University programs, no matter what they are going into.

Grade 12 English is really the only way to ensure that students maintain their reading skills.

People are writing all the time. Texting is a source of writing, and is considered by many a negative source of writing (Telegraph, Texting is Fostering Bad Grammar). Also, handwriting is an important tool to have because it forces you to work on your spelling, which people are lacking in modern times. If you are a strong writer, you are likely a strong reader. Writing is important in University especially, as a large number of reports and exams are written, and Grade 12 English can guide students to succeed in post secondary education.

Having Grade 12 English as a requirement is a very useful tool to have. It ensures that all students are at a proper level of english strength to move on to the next level of their education. Communicating, reading and writing are what Grade 12 English focuses on, and gives students the benefit of being strong in these tools.

Grade 12 English ensures communication skills are at a necessary level to move on to the next level of education, at University.

Grade 12 English acts as a sort of guideline for all students into getting into University. In Canada, we don’t require standardized testing in order to get into University. I think that we should have some guideline for all students, to make sure each student is at a great enough academic standing to be successful in University. Every student should take at least this one standard course in Grade 12, as it is important in University, and it also provides Universities with basic information on how strong the student is academically in comparison to others.

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